I've always been passionate about content creation, and my journey took an exciting turn when I joined forces with Natt Jongsala. In the early days, our very first client was Toozer, and we embarked on crafting high-energy videos filled with awesome sound effects, speedy visuals, and vibrant graphics.

Back then, Toozer entrusted us with their branding, and I was part of a team of 7 other editors who worked on bulk video content for them. While editing numerous videos for Toozer, one particular video took the internet by storm, amassing a whopping 350,000 views! You can check out this viral sensation right here: [Viral Video Link] 📈

For your convenience, all the videos I've edited for Toozer and testimonials from satisfied clients are neatly organized in a Google Drive folder, offering a comprehensive view of our exceptional work. [Google Drive Folder] 📂

In the realm of video creation, I fuse creativity with professionalism to bring your ideas to life. Let's collaborate on crafting outstanding short videos that shine! 😄🎬💼

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05 Nov 2023

Short-form video editor
TikTok video editing
Instagram Reels editor
Social media video editor
Fast-paced video editing
60-second video editor
Trendy video editing
Motion graphics editing

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