Email Copy

The email was sent for promoting a "free + shipping" offer, by Survival Life & Pioneer Settler, affiliated companies run by well-known marketer Ryan Deiss. The product pitched here is a credit card blocker sold on a separate website:


This email is primarily driven by the fearful scenario of getting your financial data stolen coupled with dissatisfaction towards the credit card companies (the common enemy). So, the person's buying decision isn't just fear-based but driven by the desire to rebel against the enemy.



  • The heading makes it seem like they already have the address and it's kind of scary.
  • They are calling out other brands directly without stating how they are doing what they are doing.
  • The email is too straightforward and seems salesy.
  • No story-telling element used to make it interesting or engaging.

26 Jun 2023

email marketing
email copywriting

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