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Sayan De

Sayan De

Deep Learning Enthusiast
  • MS Office
  • Web Development
  • Coding
  • Machine Learning
  • Computer Skills
  • Deep Learning
  • Python
  • C
  • Ubuntu
  • Data Structures
  • Wordpress
  • SEO
  • Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology, West Bengal


    30 Sep 2021

  • Automation Engineer

    Allied Media Inc.

    03 May 2021 - Present

    Fueler Experience
  • COVID-19 Classification from Lung CT Scans, Acc - 85%

    Built a simple CNN model using VGG to classify Lung CT scans images between COVID-19 patient and Non-COVID-19 patient.

    20 Nov 2020

  • DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer

    Secured 100% Grade

    Coursera - DeepLearing.AI  11 Aug 2020

  • Gender Identification from Text using Deep Learning

    I and our team has successfully designed a Deep Learning model that can identify gender from given text. We have trained...

    30 Aug 2019

  • 2nd Best paper award from CSI

    We stood 2nd for Best Paper at an event hosted by CSI in Techno International Batanagar College. The paper was on Waste...

    CSI  01 Jul 2019

  • JIS College of Engineering


    I graduated from JIS College of Engineering in 2019.  01 Jul 2019

  • Waste Management: a solution towards a good life

    Designed a way to reuse solid waste and a website to distribute any donations to the needy people with a valid tracking...

    30 May 2019

  • 3rd positions for Best Dept. Project at JISTECH 2019.

    We stood 3rd for Best Departmental Project at JISTECH 2019. The project was Waste Management: A solution towards a good...

    JIS College of Engineering  02 May 2019


    Deep Learning

    Completed the "Deep Learning" course from NPTEL with a 60% mark and Elite Certificate.

    Kalyani  30 Oct 2018


    Data Science for Engineers

    Completed the "Data Science for Engineers" course from NPTEL with a 50% mark.

    Kalyani  31 Mar 2018

  • Stood in Top 10 projects for the SMART INDIA HACKATHON 2018 (ISRO)

    We have built an app to navigate the map without the internet. Basically, you can navigate the map totally offline with...

    ISRO  30 Mar 2018

  • Off-line Map System

    Off-line Map System – Stood in Top 10 in Smart India Hackathon 2018 (ISRO). Basically, you can navigate the map totally...

    03 Jan 2018

  • First Women

    First Women – A website regarding Women's health and safety. We built a website on the localhost, and it was for a mini...

    26 May 2017

  • 1st position in ManBot Racing at JISTECH 2017.

    We participated again and secured 1st position in ManBot Racing at JISTECH 2017.

    JIS College of Engineering  02 May 2017

  • E-Commerce Website

    For the first time, I have used Wordpress and WooCommerce to build an E-Commerce Website in the localhost, i.e. on my co...

    09 Mar 2017

  • Blogger at Tec4Tric


    Working hard to provide great content. I make videos and blog posts about Linux, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. Cu...

    05 Nov 2016 - Present

  • ManBot – A Manual Controlled Racing Car.

    ManBot – A Manual Controlled Racing Car. This car can be controlled using two switches. For the first time in 2016, we b...

    25 Jun 2016

  • 3rd position in ManBot Racing at JISTECH 2016.

    Participated and secured 3rd position in ManBot Racing at JISTECH 2016. We participated in the first time and we stood T...

    JIS College of Engineering  02 May 2016

  • Nabadwip Bakultala High School

    High School

    Nabadwip  01 Mar 2015

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