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Breast Cancer Hub 

We#BreakTheBreastTaboo & Capture the Ignorance - YOUNG WOMEN & MEN CAN GET BREAST CANCER TOO

Developing Countries - Challenges we address —scientific solutions we provide

1. Breast Cancer Awareness, Causes of Breast Cancer, Signs or Symptoms of breast cancer

2. We target the underlying problem—Embarrassment, Taboo, and Ignorance.

3. We address Dense Breast & issues with Mammogram and breast cancer Treatment

4. Poverty leading to the difficulty to access early screening methods - we provide a simple screening solution in local languages

5. We capture Stress, Diet and Lifestyle, obesity, Inflammation and Cancer, Risk factors, Genetics, Family History, Prevention of Cancer & Lack of research.

We provide help & scientific analysis & guidance to patients faced with cancer.

01 Oct 2019 - Present

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