Long-form Article - The Whole Truth Foods

Objective: To showcase my writing skills and provide a sample of my work through a blog article for "The Whole Truth Foods" brand.

Tools: My creative writing skills, a love for good food, and Google for research purposes, along with Google Docs for writing and organizing the article.

Project value: This article showcases my writing abilities and demonstrates my love for the "The Whole Truth Foods" brand and the clean, delicious food they offer. The article brings a fun and lighthearted approach to a serious topic and shows that I can infuse humour and personality into my writing.

Timeline: This project took approximately 4-5 hours, including research and writing time, but it was a labour of love!

Takeaway: The article provides a unique perspective on the connection between nutrition, martial arts, and optimal performance. It also shows that I can bring humour and a love for the brand to my writing, making it both informative and enjoyable to read.

Project type: A fun and informative long-form blog article. (1000 words)

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03 Feb 2023

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Content Writing
Creative Writing
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