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Abhishek Saha

Abhishek Saha

Product Designer 🇮🇳
  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
Currently Working at
  • Product Design Session | SkillValley

    The process to get started with Product Design 🎯 Goal: The goal is to give you a clear pathway regarding 'How to start...

    14 Aug 2022

  • OFF Grid Website Design

    OFF GRID is a Digital Agency based in Sydney, Australia

    30 Jul 2022

  • ROM Website UI Design

    Hello friends, this is a website design of Off Grid Digital. Alex Dickson is the owner of this business. He has made the...

    23 Jul 2022

  • How to start with Product Design? - MarkitUp Community

    The process to get started with Product Design 🎯 Goal: The goal is to give you a clear pathway regarding 'How to design...

    28 May 2022

  • Product Design for Builders - Crework Community

    Product Design for Builders 🧑‍💻 A workshop for: Developers, Aspiring Designers, Aspiring Product Managers 🎯 Goal: The...

    14 May 2022

  • ValueRead 2.0 Design & Front-End

    Download our free eBooks to learn about the various concept and principles of Side Projects, Startups, Marketing, and Wr...

    19 Apr 2022

  • Ok! Acquired Website Design

    Ok Acquired is an Investment Tech company. Their mission is to create an alternative Passive Income for individuals. Vi...

    11 Apr 2022

  • Super Nintendo - Landing page design

    Super Nintendo - Landing page design. I have design and developed this landing page by myself.

    17 Mar 2022

  • Impact - Engineering Impactful Brands

    We design impactful brand identity for your startup. Trusted by entrepreneurs from more than 8 different countries. Get...

    09 Mar 2022

  • Calaverita Website Design

    Calaverita is a Mexico based Tech Agency that creates beautiful Websites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps for iOS/Android & more.....

    25 Jan 2022

  • Nuskë Website

    Nuskë is a Specialized Veterinary Hospital in Morelia, Mexico.

    12 Dec 2021

  • UX Audit | | Document Module

    UX Audit of Document Module - I hope you guys ❤️ my design project. Please like and comment below ;)

    08 Dec 2021

  • Masterbaari - Best and verified private tutors

    Discover the best and verified private tutors in Tripura. Contact verified teachers for free with masterbaari. Use maste...

    28 Oct 2021

  • Fueler UI/UX Design Playbook

    A Guide to KickStart your UI/UX Design Journey (Coming soon)

    12 Oct 2021

  • 100 Days Public Feedback challenge on Twitter

    100 Days challenge I have started this challenge because I want to learn how people will react to different designs on...

    16 Aug 2021

  • DopeUI - High quality UI templates for creators

    I have been learning UI/UX from the last three years and the design community has been so much helpful for me. Today, I...

    23 Apr 2021

  • S.Owens Studio

    S. Owens Studio is a Texas based residential design studio, contributing thoughtful architecture through multidisciplina...

    13 Apr 2021

  • Instagram Growth

    I got more than 800 Followers on my Instagram profile. And the main thing that I achieve, they follow me for my work ❤️....

    Instagram  20 Feb 2021

  • Project Senpai

    Project Senpai is a unique concept of Anime Waifus and Cryptocurrency. It offers physical items with Waifu collectibles.

    16 Feb 2021

  • Version Control with Git


    I recently complete this free course available on the Udacity website. Thank you, Aquib Jawed for suggesting me this co...

    Raiganj  03 Dec 2020

  • Updated my portfolio website

    In this update, I basically work on the [user interface]( of my website. The font pair I used...

    15 Nov 2020

  • EYC Website Design concept 💼

    EYC Website Design concept is a User Interface design, designed for a Tax Consultant Company. this design is available o...

    02 Nov 2020

  • SEO website design

    This is a website designed for SEO service providers. A modern looking minimal and clean website design for SEO.

    19 Jul 2020

  • Got My First Job

    Sky Limit Technology

    I got my first job in Sky Limit Technology and I learn many things every day. They are very friendly and hard-working. T...

    11 Jul 2020 - 21 Feb 2021

  • Launched my website

    This is what, I was looking for such a long time. And now I finally have a website to show my work's on my platform.

    06 Jun 2020

  • Adopter

    This is a website I designed for my class final project. On the other hand, this is a website designed for an (NPO) Non-...

    26 Apr 2020

  • Shopper website design

    Shopper website design concept.😍 let's start shopping. This is a website designed for an online eCommerce Store.

    19 Apr 2020

  • Adobe Illustrator CC – Advanced Training Course


    From this Adobe Illustrator Advanced course, I learned Advanced techniques for graphic design, logo design & illustratio...

    Raiganj  14 Nov 2019

  • Adobe Photoshop CC – Advanced Training Course


    I enrolled in this course and learned advanced Photoshop techniques like Photoshop retouching & Graphic Design tutorials...

    Raiganj  17 Sep 2019

  • Bootstrap 4 From Scratch With 5 Projects


    Master Bootstrap 4 and build 5 real-world themes while learning HTML5 semantics & CSS3. This course helps me to learn Bo...

    Raiganj  29 Aug 2019

  • User Experience Design Essentials - Adobe XD UI UX Design


    This course helps me to learn Adobe XD to design User Interfaces for apps and websites, User Experience design, UX desig...

    Raiganj  25 Aug 2019

  • Advanced CSS and Sass: Flexbox, Grid, Animations and More!


    This is the most advanced and modern CSS course on the internet: helps me to learn and gives a clear idea about flexbox,...

    Raiganj  25 Aug 2019

  • The Complete JavaScript Course 2020: From Zero to Expert!


    This is the modern JavaScript course for everyone! Master JavaScript with projects, challenges, and theory. Many courses...

    Raiganj  25 Aug 2019

  • Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3


    The easiest way to learn modern web design, HTML5, and CSS3 step-by-step from scratch. Design AND code a huge project wi...

    Raiganj  25 Aug 2019

  • UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development


    I learn from this course how to apply User Experience (UX) principles to website designs, code a variety of sites, and i...

    Raiganj  01 Aug 2019

  • UI/UX Designer at KiwisMedia


    KiwisMedia is a next generation and the best digital media platform for documenting yourself. And I'm so lucky to work a...

    25 Apr 2019 - Present

  • Graphics Web Design & Development-Plus(GWDD+) ( 2018 - 2020)

    Arena Animation Kankurgachi

    Graphics Web Design & Development (GWDD) Plus is a comprehensive program that trains students in all aspects of Graphic...

    Kolkata  06 Jun 2018

  • B.Com (Hons) in Accountancy

    Raiganj University

    I completed my graduation ( Hons. in Accountancy ) from Raiganj University. This is the foremost university in Wes...

    Raiganj  04 Jun 2018

  • Higher Secondary Examinaiton

    Raiganj Coronation high school

    I completed my higher secondary education on Commerce stream from Raiganj Coronation High School.

    Raiganj  12 Apr 2015

  • Secondary Examination

    Raiganj Coronation high school

    I completed my secondary education from Raiganj Coronation High School. This is a higher secondary school for boys & gir...

    Raiganj  13 Mar 2013

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