Programmer Analyst

Cognizant Technology Solutions 

I completed one year at Cognizant and was promoted to the next designation of Programmer Analyst. During this tenure, I was lucky to be part of multiple projects comprising of various sectors/industries.

The new role comprised of the following responsibilities.

  • Project 1 : Insurance Industry Client

- Manual App Testing for an Insurance-based Client

- Automated App Testing for the Insurance Policy Document Generation Tool

  • Project 2 : Mortgage Industry Client

- Implementing Junit Test Cases for the Client Java EE Project

  • Project 3 : Finance and Mortgage Industry Client

- Implementing frontend components using Angular

- Writing Jasmine test cases for the Angular components

- Implementing simple backend functionalities in Java

- Fixing existing or new bugs in the overall projects

13 Jun 2020 - 31 Dec 2021

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