Viapply - Immigration Consultants

Project/Business Description

Viapply is an immigration agency based in Canada. We did full-stack web development for them. 

Problem We Solved:
Viapply's previous website was outdated, lacking an appealing design that aligned with its brand identity. The client wanted a new website that not only addressed these design issues but also has dynamic features, such as student registration, dynamic blogs, and updating pages easily. 

With a complete website redesign, we transformed the overall look and feel, by making a website that aligns with the brand identity.

One of the key requirements from the client was the inclusion of a student registration system. To fulfill this, we developed a fully functional registration form that allowed students to securely submit their application details and upload necessary documents.

In addition to the student registration functionality, we implemented a robust admin dashboard that provided administrators with an overview of user logins and form submissions. This empowered the client to effectively manage and track user activities on the website.

Tech Stack

Frontend: NextJS, Redux, and TailwindCSS
Backend:  Contentful CMS for custom blogs and site pages, Firebase to handle backend (documents, student registration)


Based on requirements and efforts the quotation for this project was 17,000 INR

View Live Project:

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25 Nov 2022

Web Development
Full Stack Website

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