📒 Weekend Reads

The idea behind starting Weekend Read is very simple. I started Weekend Reads with a simple idea to introduce some of the best thinkers and writers to the new users here on Twitter.

It's not easy to start here on Twitter without following the right individuals. This results in a lack of interest to be on Twitter. I myself have been there. Through this, I'm trying to make it easier for them to start here by following the right set of people.

Above any profession, thinking and writing is an altogether different combination of skills that needs an insane amount of passion, practice, and patience to develop over time. Massive respect for them. Internet has been no less than a blessing in our life.

Not anyone can be a great writer even if they are a great thinker. I myself draw inspiration from all these incredible individuals here. That is what inspires me to curate Weekend Reads every week for you all.

29 May 2021

Content Curation

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