Program Manager at GirlScript Summer of Code 2022

GirlScript Foundation 

I was the Program Manager and my duties were: 


-Lead the marketing campaign for the program by engaging with the audience, creating visibility for GSSoC, and getting registrations.

-During my term the audience across the social handles had organically grown.  

-LinkedIn grew from 39,000 followers in January 2022 to 53,000 followers.

-Twitter grew from 3,000 followers in January 2022 to 4290.

-Instagram grew from 500 followers to 1187.

-Worked on sponsorships and partnered with student-led communities to spread the reach and organize collaborative events. 

-I helped crack a sponsorship deal of $4000 USD along with 3 other partnerships from in-kind sponsors via social outreach and email. In total we raised $8000 USD for the program along with partnership from 5 other communities and companies. 

-Hosted twitter spaces, and youtube streams along with the partner companies and special guests. 



Content and Strategy 

-Published newsletter Summer Script for the program:  

-Worked on the content for socials, website, emails, and community partnerships.

-I was handling the content, graphic design, PR, marketing, and the UI/UX team.

-I contributed my ideas and strategic thinking towards the design and development of the official website of the program. 



Discord Moderator 

-Handled the community of 6000+ folks in discord. Created a safe space for the contributors, mentors, and the project admins by having community bonding sessions. 

-The mode of communication for the program was Discord Server. Managed the discord server and engaged with the entire audience at the program.

-Handled the entire database of the participants and regularly worked polishing the content for the program.


12 Jan 2022 - 26 Aug 2022

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