Worked with an agency for website content


• I was approached for a full-time remote role by the co-founder of a digital marketing startup (though no longer existent, it seems) who happens to be a part of my network on LinkedIn.

• I worked with this agency for a very short time (say, approx 1 or 2 months), mainly focusing on content divided into 7 sections - starting from the cover page to FAQs at the end.

• The content was delivered to the agency owner, who then took it forward to the client(s) they manage.

• 7 to 8 similar kind of content topics were provided along with focus keyword and supportive keywords. I have added only 4 for sample purposes in the portfolio.

• Each topic spans a word count in the range, say, 1500 - 2000 words.



• Google Docs, Grammarly, Google, Plagiarism Checker



• The target was 1 lakh words per month, translating to roughly 3.5k words each day.



• Web Design and Development for Salons

• Web Design and Development for Startups

• Web Design and Development for Bars

• Web Design and Development for Jewellery


Click on "Proof" to check my work.

07 Oct 2023

Website Content Writing
Home Page
Digital Marketing

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