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An extension to check for knowledge & inspiration for proof of work everyday


What is Fueler.daily?

It is a chrome extension that provides access to interesting portfolio projects and insightful blogs, offering inspiration at users' fingertips. It allows users to check out projects created by knowledge workers worldwide, drawing inspiration from their works in various fields such as writing, design, product management, video editing, marketing, and more.

Tools used for the project:

- Figma [for designing the UI]

- VS code [for coding out the layout]


Tech Stack of the project:

- Manifest V3

- Reactjs + webpack bundler

- Laravel [for apis]


Time Taken:

- 1 week



- Shashank [UI/UX design + Marketing copies & Graphic Design]

- Prantik [Frontend + Launching the product]

- Aquib [Backend + Mentor]


User Count:

25+ users


04 Dec 2023

chrome extention
UI/UX design
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