Parna Bhattacharjee: Write-A-Thon Submission

Submission 01: Write an email wishing a new year to every user of Spotify and convince them to join Spotify Premium

View submission: Click here

Objective: The objective behind this is to persuade people opting for free plans to shift toward premium without being salesy.

Tools used: My own creativity, Bard and Canva

Time taken: 55 minutes

Submission 02: Write an article, “How does watching short videos (reels, shots) impact a human brain?”

View submission: Click here

Objective: The psychology behind short-form video consumption.

Tools used: Google, Creativity, Bard, and Canva

Time taken: 1 hour, 15 minutes

Submission 03: Write a newsletter edition to your future self in 10 years explaining where do you see yourself? The aspiration, the expectation, the financial, and the health goals.

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Objective: personal letter, nothing much

Tools used: Canva and myself

Time taken: 45 minutes


16 Dec 2023

Fueler Writeathon

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