67.9% Increased engagement within 2 months

Client - FMCG brand with 3 years of market exposure.

Pain Point - Lack of lead and zero engagement with the community.

Platform - Instagram

Types of content pillars used - Informative, Behind-the-scenes, Social Proof, Promotional, and Meme content

Before - Completely dead account with zero engagement. The client struggled to connect with the audience. Organic growth was absent.


➡️ I started posting audience-centric content consistently 3 times a week. 

➡️ Focused on having a clear brand voice that helped the brand connect with its audience. 

➡️ The result was slow, but within 2 months, it was visible. 

➡️ The reach grew, and so did the engagement. 

➡️Several posts went viral, garnering engagement for 1000+ likes and 50+ shares. 

➡️ We were also able to revive the dead account interaction with its audience.

Social Proof - Here is the account analytics that garnered 18k+ impressions and 12k+ engagements within 2 months.

01 Mar 2023

content strategy
social media marketing
social media marketer
content strategist
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