Sponsorship Committee


From hearing "NO! Never call me again" to "Just email me the bank details I'll make the transfer". A rollercoaster ride of negotiating to get 80,000 hard cash, crores worth of Kind sponsorship, representing the big name of Esprit of Christ University. It was a journey that gave me a taste of the pressure and technicalities of the Corporate World.


The highlight of my journey was randomly walking into a Tata Venture, pitching them and actually converting them as a sponsor. Landmark Group, a Tata Venture wished to promote their New upcoming lifestyle brand called Misbu for which they had a match, then getting a truck into the campus and getting these guys worth their 80K by giving them a sale of 1.26 Lakhs was something worth it! Promoting a bootstrap startup, Fueler where they couldn't partner monetarily but had something greater on board, providing bundles of $800 to each participant, making our valuations reach 1cr. A batch of Supportive seniors without which it wouldn't be possible and a big thanks to the whole team of batchmates and seniors.


#christuniversity #sponsorship #tata #fueler

26 Dec 2022 - 11 Feb 2023

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