Ad copy for Swiggy ft. LinkedIn Connections

In collaboration with Swiggy, I conceptualized and crafted ad copy that ingeniously transformed food items into vibrant LinkedIn pages.

1. Target Audience:

The target audience encompasses food enthusiasts, social media users, and anyone with an appetite for a unique blend of creativity and gastronomy. By merging the worlds of food and professional networking, I aimed to capture the attention of diverse demographics, from millennials to working professionals looking for a delightful dining experience.

2. Objective:

The idea was born from the desire to not just promote Swiggy's menu but to elevate the entire food delivery experience. By humanizing food items and giving them LinkedIn personas, I sought to create a connection beyond mere consumption. The ad aim to evoke emotions, spark curiosity, and encourage users to view their favourite dishes as more than just meals—they are characters with stories to tell.

3. Tools Used:

Canva, Google Docs and LinkedIn

4. Time Taken:

3 hours

27 Nov 2023

Content Writing
Spec Ads
Ad copies

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