Lets start this one with a question. Does my audio need a transcript? Short answer: yes. In the world of internet you're communicating with all kind of people around the world. They're not necessarily speaking your language or even able to hear you. Transcripts are used by people who are Deaf, are hard of hearing, have difficulty processing auditory information, so transcribing your audio or media in general will make it easy for them to understand you.

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BeReadable is a simple online tool that helps the user to turn audio into words and it can also record the audio and the user can play it or download it to mp3. BeReadable supports a lot of languages as it sends the user's language selection to Deepgram API and return back the correct transcription for the selected language. The tool is a straight to the point kind of tool, it doesn't have any complexity in using and the UI is quite simple. It has two main features and both of them are incredibly important.

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Built with:

More about BeReadable:

1- Live Transcription:

  • Audio Recording.
  • Audio to MP3 Downloader.

BeReadable is able to record your voice and use LameJS to encode it and transform it into mp3 file for you to download right from the audio player.

  • Multiple Language Support.
  • Audio Transcription.

2- Live Stream:

  • Audio Player.
  • Multiple Language Support.
  • Audio Transcription.

Basically with this light and small tool, you can record your audio, download it and get the transcription for it. Or you can insert a link for your favorite podcast and the tool will transcribe it to text right away. You can also play any audio and get your mic closer to the source and it will do the trick.

3- Possible Enhancement:

There are a lot of modifications that can be done or additional features that can be added. for example:

  • Output text editor.
  • UI improvements.
  • Database to store users final transcriptions.

Also possible user accessibility requirements features:

  • Video streaming with captions.
  • Songs subtitles.

Link to Code on GitHub:

Link to the tool live demo:

Additional Resources / Info:

Small demo to show you how it works:

01 Mar 2022


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