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Mimansha Chauhan

The chameleon of creatives.🚀 I can adapt to any project, and I won't blend into the background.

Executive Assistant
Talent Acquisition
Community Management
Lead Generation
Content Writing



  • Community Building Plan: Workcrew AI

    Objective: Completed this assignment to demonstrate my capability in creating a strategy for building and improving the...

    29 Dec 2023

  • How to make Friends: as an adult

    Objective: This article is like your friendly guide, showing you fun ways to make friends. Tools I Used: Picture me usi...

    11 Dec 2023

  • How community management is different from social media management

    Objective: In my recent exploration of the field of community management, I embarked on an experimental journey, delving...

    05 Dec 2023

  • Personal Branding Strategy: ft Saurabh Garg

    Objective: In response to the assignment, a comprehensive proof plan was crafted within a tight timeframe of one day. Th...

    25 Nov 2023

  • Proof of work for Recruiters

    Objective: The objective of this work is to show how recruiters can create their pow and showcase the style of writing....

    23 Nov 2023

  • Content Calendar: SiteXpert

    I've been working with SitExpert on a project that has been mostly about their content plans. I made a detailed content...

    16 Aug 2023


    Objective: The aim was to practice writing the product description and, as a beginner, learn the strategy to present it...

    21 Jul 2023

  • Boat's 1500CR Growth with Aman Gupta's Marketing

    OBJECTIVE: This case study aims to examine the marketing strategy used by Boat, and how it helped the company grow from...

    28 Jun 2023

  • Case Study: Pulse Candy

    OBJECTIV : The objective of this case study is to provide an overview of the pulse candy industry, including its history...

    24 May 2023

  • How to Make Notes Like a Genius

    Objective: To help readers learn how to take better notes so that they can improve their learning, memory, and thinking...

    23 May 2023

  • 8 Elements for your Impressive Portfolio

    OBJECTIVE: The objective of this blog is to provide guidance on creating an impressive portfolio that highlights experti...

    30 Apr 2023

  • Notion- Case Study

    Objective: This thread highlights Notion's strategies to acquire its first 1000 users and showcase its versatility, enco...

    28 Apr 2023

  • The Case Study of Samosa Singh 🥟💰

    Objective: This tweet thread shares the success story of Samosa Singh, a food startup founded by a Bengaluru couple who...

    27 Apr 2023


    Objective: To demonstrate how Chrome extensions can boost ChatGPT's functionality Time taken: 1.5 hrs including the res...

    26 Apr 2023

  • 7 Transformative Lessons from 'The Little Book of Happiness' by Patrick Whiteside"

    Objective: The objective of this blog post is to summarise the key lessons I learned from the book and how they can help...

    25 Apr 2023

  • Project- Upcoming Indian Cultural Events in Australia

    Objective: I created this blog as part of my internship project, with a focus on the Indian event taking place in Melbou...

    20 Apr 2023

  • Naatu Naatu Oscar nod for Best Original Song delights the RRR team.

    :Naatu Naatu, the original song from the Indian film RRR, wins Best Original Song at the 95th Academy Awards, making hist...

    17 Apr 2023

  • How Indian Students Can Find Part-Time Work in Australia

    Are you an Indian student studying in Australia and looking for part-time work? Check out these practical tips and resou...

    17 Apr 2023

  • Laugh Out Loud: Sydney Comedy Festival 2023 Preview

    Get ready to laugh until you cry with the top international comedians performing at the 2023 Sydney Comedy Festival. Fro...

    17 Apr 2023

  • Learning Indian Languages in Australia: Tips, Resources, and Language Classes - Everything Indian

    In Australia, learning the language can be the first step in a journey that will reveal many of India’s intriguing cultu...

    17 Apr 2023

  • The Elephant Whisperers made history by becoming the first Indian documentary to win an Oscar.

    The Elephant Whisperers" made history by winning India's first-ever Oscar in the Best Documentary Short Film category. Di...

    01 Apr 2023

  • 7 Must-Watch Web Series, Movies, and Shows on Amazon Prime in 2023

    Amazon Prime's 7 most anticipated 2023 web series, movies, and episodes. "The Family Man," "Mirzapur 3," and "Citadel" w...

    01 Apr 2023

  • Top 5 Bollywood Dance Classes in Sydney

    With Sydney's top Indian dance schools, you can unleash your inner Bollywood dancer. Swastik, Nupur Dance Group, Sydney...

    01 Mar 2023

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