Deployment of a Simple Static Website on an EC2 Instance using Terraform

This project presents an efficient and automated approach to deploy a static website on an Amazon EC2 instance. Leveraging the power of Terraform, the infrastructure provisioning process, including EC2 instance creation and SSH key pair generation, is simplified and streamlined.

This project showcases the seamless deployment of a sample static website, eliminating the need for direct AWS console access. By running Terraform commands, users can effortlessly set up the required infrastructure, and the public IP of the EC2 instance is conveniently displayed for access. The project also provides instructions on securely accessing the EC2 instance via SSH.

The provided instructions empower users to effectively utilize this deployment architecture for their own projects with ease. Feel free to explore, customize, and deploy applications with confidence using this robust solution! 😊

25 Jul 2023

Infrastructure as code
Apache Tomcat
Cloud Computing

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