LinkedIn Writing Challenge by Vedika Bhaia & Unnati Bagga

Assignment: Vedika and Unnati posted on their socials about the 20k LinkedIn Writing Challenge. A form was floated to fill in the details along with a LinkedIn profile and best post. I got through the initial assessment and was selected for the challenge. 

The details of the assignment are here.

Deadline: 48 hours

Tools: Google Docs, Instagram, LinkedIn, ChatGPT, YouTube & Canva.

Research Process:

For assignment 1: I went through Sarthak Ahuja's Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to understand the type of content he creates and writes.  I also used ChatGPT to understand his style of writing and tone of voice.

For assignment 2: I watched a few episodes of Shark Tank India and zeroed down on a brand which showcased a Woman's Menstrual product. I wrote a post about it. 

Back story: I took a chance to participate in this challenge considering I don't have a great following on LinkedIn, nor do I get massive engagement. But even with 900+ followers, I do get decent engagement. I love writing and penning my thoughts on LinkedIn. So I decided to take up this challenge.
You can check my other works here.

Results: I got on an interview call with Unnati & Vedika. 

Although I didn't get through the interview nor did I win the challenge. But the outcome was to be among the few applicants who got through the first and second rounds of the challenge. The cherry on top of the cake was talking to them. From watching their content on social media to getting on an interview call is a big win for me.

The 1st round was getting selected for the challenge. 300 candidates were selected among 500 applicants. 
The 2nd round was in the top 10 selected from 25 assignment submissions.

11 Apr 2024

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