Founder (Passion Project - Social Entrepreneurship)

1paat (One Problem At A Time) - 2011 Columbia University Venture Competiion Finalist 

1PAAT (One Problem at a Time) – [*Dormant since Aug. 2013*]– This project was a Finalist in the 2011 Columbia University Venture Competition and is a social venture that displays one specific global community development related issue at a time on its website. 1PAAT financially sponsors this specific cause from members contributing as little as $0.50/month and another sponsored issue is not showcased or fundraised for until the money has been raised to fund and solve the active problem. 1PAAT went dormant in 2013, around the time we acquired our first property, and we hope to support the relaunch of this social venture one day focused on global micro real estate projects.

20 Sep 2010 - 16 Aug 2013

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