Website Copy for Software and Automation Business

The Objective of This Project:

The objective of this project was to create a compelling website copy to effectively represent Brajesh Rai's business. The goal was to communicate the unique features and benefits of his products/services and engage the target audience, encouraging them to take action, whether that's making a purchase, booking a service, or contacting Brajesh for more information.

How Long It Took to Build This:

The creation of Brajesh Rai's website copy took approximately 1 week, which included understanding the business, structuring the content, and crafting it in a clear and engaging manner.

How Much Would You Charge for Creating Something Like This:

The cost of creating website copy can vary based on factors like the project's complexity and specific requirements. A rough estimate for a project of this nature might range from ($300-$500).

Tools Used:

For the creation of Brajesh Rai's website copy, I use various tools for research, writing, and optimization. These tools may include:

Competitors Websites


Google Doc


Hemingway Editor

I created this website copy to effectively represent Brajesh Rai and his business. 

Website design and optimization have been handled by the designers and developers respectively.

17 Aug 2023

Website Copywriting
Website copy

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