My First Content Marketing Experience - Clash of Clans

How Clash of Clans gave me my first experience of content marketing and
at the end I will share key learnings that helped me as a Marketer from it.

When I came to Pune for my Class 10th , I didn’t have any friends.

I observed that every kid in the school bus and at least in our colony played clash of clans.

They were talking about it , debating on new updates and comparing each other's game skills. Initially I didn’t understand anything about it , so I was not able to enter the group & make friends.

Luckily, I found another circle of friends who played basketball. They were open for newbies like me to enter their group.

But After board exams , I had some free time. So I decided to download it and give Clash of Clans a try.

My friend Vikas taught me things about game & Jio was just launched back then.

I don't know what hit me  , I started a page on facebook  & I started writing posts about random things on it.

Vikas and other kids in the colony were also on facebook. And I observed these guys followed Clash of Clans there also.

One fine day , I decided to start a post about Clash clans also on my page.

I noticed now people start following my page and commenting on posts.

Slowly , I learned people are more interested in game updates . What's a new thing coming or an event happening etc.

so I started making a post about that and people liked it.

Now , I was able to make new friends and enter their circle . 
(Mission Accomplished)

I stopped playing it after vacations as I was the worst player in my peer group  and thus stopped posting on facebook eventually.

I had to chase a bigger dream that my parents sold me “becoming a doctor & get admission into AIIMS, Delhi”.

It's a story for another day.

Key Learnings  that helped in my marketing journey :

👉 Become a good observer- what people in your niche are talking about or doing online or what’s new trend.

👉Enter the conversation going in their mind - if kids wanted to know about game updates, I gave it to them.

👉Keep on experimenting with new ideas and just start, don't overthink.

👉 if something is working, don't stop.

👉If you want to enter a circle , find a common interest and build a bond around it. (my networking hack till date)

If you have similar experience like comment down below

13 Oct 2023

content marketing
clash of clans

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