Exploring the Top Companies in Utility and Telecom Services for MissCallPay.

MissCallPay - The company is an Indian technology firm that provides a range of solutions, including mobile and web-based payment systems, as well as communication tools based on SMS and voice. They also offer automation tools for businesses. These solutions enable companies to simplify their payment processes, enhance their customer engagement, and optimize their operations.


Created a project to get the list of companies under the biller name - Electricity, Water, Telecom - Prepaid, Telecom - Postpaid with required fields  such as - Name, Logo, Toll Free Number, Page name in url, website link many more... and it should be plagiarism free. 

Tools & Technologies:- 

Excel sheet, Google Search Engine(Definitely), Google Pay, Grammarly.

Duration:- 30 days

Completed before the given time.

Challanges and Learning:- There are appx. 150  billers & each of them contains 16 required fields.

Challenges - The challenges faced while creating this - data availability, data verification, legal issues, updating data.

Learning - This project help me to develop a range of skills and knowledge, including research, data analysis, plagiarism awareness and attention to detail, which can be valuable in various fields.

I usually charge around  5k for this type of project depending upon specifics of project.

18 Jan 2023

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