A spec AD for bumble

Creating an advertisement for Bumble, a networking/dating app, demanded a deep understanding of the product, our target audience, and the message we aimed to convey.

Our primary goal was to showcase Bumble as an inclusive, empowering, and innovative platform. We crafted an advertisement that emphasized its diverse user base and the concept of connections.

Key Considerations:

1. Understanding the Target Audience

To effectively market Bumble, we dive into the demographics and psychographics of our users. Bumble appeals to a wide audience, but we primarily targeted individuals seeking meaningful connections in the digital world. So basically everyone who needs a friend.

2. Portraying Bumble's Diverse User Base: 

We conceptualized the advertisement by showcasing Bumble users from various walks of life, emphasizing the platform's inclusivity and its ability to connect people from all backgrounds.

Creating the Advertisement:

We designed the advertisement with colors resembling similar to that of Bumble profiles.

We just want people to understand bumble is not just about sha-boinking random people after dates, it's about establishing meaningful relationships with the person you love.

The advertisement aimed to convey that Bumble is not just a dating app but a platform that promotes meaningful connections and empowers every individual can find their one if they make their first move.

Bumble is versatile enough to cater to a wide range of relationship needs, making it the perfect choice for those seeking genuine connections.

Tools used: Figma and creativity for writing.

Time Taken: Half a sunday.


Content writing: Karthikeyan


Design: Deepthi


14 Oct 2023

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