Netflix Dashboard

Power BI Netflix Stock Market Analysis Dashboard Project aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the Netflix stock market performance. The project utilizes Power BI Desktop to create an engaging and informative analysis of Netflix's stock data.

First start by importing data into #powerbi and corrected #datatype based on the dataset, this will help us while performing calculations, Created Measure & Calculated columns using #dax functions.

. Reports are created to provide in-depth analysis, including historical trends, performance comparisons, and statistical measures.
. Various visualizations are employed to represent the Netflix stock market data effectively. These include bar charts, line charts, slicers, and tables.
. Excel functions, such as DAY, MONTH, QUARTERLY, and YEARLY, can be utilized in Power BI Desktop to enhance the analysis.

Once done with the calculations, measures then started creating the report using cards, Bar, Pie and Donut charts, Table and smart narrative which help to ease the understanding of end user and give useful insights.

10 Aug 2023

Microsoft PowerBI
Data Analysis

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