How to Calculate ROI for Technology Investments?

According to deep research, businesses across the globe spend $4 trillion dollars on technology every year. Some money is invested in the hardware form while other money is spent on software solutions and security.

 We can say that more investment is spent on Information Technology (IT) management. Business makes it difficult for multiple CIOs and IT managers to invest in technology. 

Return on investment (ROI) is the best way in this regard. A question arises among the businessmen is how to calculate rate of return on investment for your technology investments. 

Well, a free online ROI calculator designed by will help you to determine the amount of profit or loss in the IT business against the total invested cost. 

ROI is beneficial for Technology Investments: 

All the successful enterprise sectors know to get a positive Return On investment (ROI) is good for business. Generally, ROI is talked about as a marketing or accounting parameter, however people can also use this parameter to find the important figure for any technology investments. 

Whether you are planning to install new applications or want to purchase new devices, calculating an ROI is the best option that helps you to provide immediate and long-term benefits. Therefore, you can use a free online ROI calculator that helps you to perform accurate calculations.

How to Calculate Return on Investment (ROI)?

A simple formula for calculating technology investments would be ROI = net gain on an investment divided by cost of that investment. For example, an investment that has a profit of $100 then its cost of $100 would have an ROI of 1, or 100% when represented as a percentage.

 Since purchasing a computer won’t essentially make you money directly, you need to look at the value of what your service really obtains. Apart from that, how to calculate ROI, you need to have put the values into the rate of return calculator. 

No doubt, ROI is a simple and easy method to determine the success of an investment but it has some serious limitations. For instance, ROI fails to return the time value of money, and it can be hard to consequentially compare ROIs because some investments will take longer to make a profit than others. 

That’s the obvious reason professional investors prefer to use other parameters, such as net present value (NPV) or the internal rate of return (IRR).

5 Benefits of Calculating ROI for Technology Investments: 

Well, it’s not amazing that technology investments (IT) are crucial for advanced organizations. However, the true fact of an ROI (Return on Investment) explorer is that it is slightly more critical.

 At the initial stage, you must estimate the possible immediate and long term benefits of your potential IT solution. A free ROI calculator enables you to estimate the ROI over a period of 12 months. Generally, the benefits of a technology investment can include: 

You can save your money by decreasing redundancies from the organization . 

ROI also helps to increase the employee productivity along with new, innovative solutions 

It can resolve the security vulnerabilities that contains negatively impact your business, end-user, customer, or enterprise partners

This improves the technological efficiencies by streamlining or automating processes

Enhancing revenue streams through an extended arrival of your business services or products.


Furthermore, you can use the ROI calculator as a straightforward and intuitive metric to 

calculate the probability of return on your technology investments. Successfully calculating an ROI examination will also need you to take into account the full-reach of the possible benefits.

20 Oct 2022

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