Data Analyst Bootcamp


Alex's Data Analyst Bootcamp!

Mastered a diverse skill set, including SQL (beginner to advanced), Python (from basic to data analysis proficiency), Excel, Tableau, Power BI, Pandas, and web scraping.

  • Conducted extensive data exploration using SQL to uncover valuable insights in the first project.
  • Skillfully transformed complex datasets into compelling visual narratives in the 2nd project through data visualization.
  • Demonstrated the ability to streamline and optimize data workflows by performing ETL operations using SQL in the third project.
  • Applied Python and Pandas in the fourth and final project to clean and prepare data, subsequently creating insightful visualizations.
  • Developed a portfolio of mini projects that showcase the ability to craft compelling data visualizations and conduct in-depth data analysis.

22 Oct 2023 - Present

Creating portfolio made simple for

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