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Smart UI Integration with SAP

Technology investments aimed at improving personal and process productivity are often not tailored to the end user’s department or task. This can lead to poor adoption rates among knowledge workers, which costs the organization money and prevents users from accomplishing their goals. The OpenText Content Suite and OpenText Extended ECM Smart View user interface provides intuitive, role-based views on desktop, tablet, and mobile, tailoring the experience to the needs of business users.

Smart view integration involves understanding the business process,roles, and the security model of any organization where a large number of transactions are done all over the globe.with the Fiori and smart view implementation the process becomes very user-friendly and easy for everyone with some training.

from Record management to workflow you can simply archive a document just by clicking from your mobile can scan a product  barcode and open all the information associated with it on your screen because at the backend we are taking care of all the permission and privileges and access to end-user.We can audit,track the activity of users logged in.

designing a role-based interface  based on user functional requirements is the key feature of smart view that we implement with the help of Active view, Appearance,Web reports -web-tag.all modules local to OpenText.






22 Jul 2020

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