Carnal Masters: A Sexual Health Platform Case Study


Carnal Masters is the brainchild of our entire group - The Valiant Hustlers where we address the field of sexual health by letting people connect with sexual health counselors on-demand.

After going through multiple training, and elimination rounds and being questioned on the ELDP pitchfest on various aspects of the startup project by experienced judges who are Venture Capitalists themselves, we finally won the third prize overall and were even awarded the idea with the Most Social Impact along with a cash prize and an opportunity to be a part of the 9-month long pre-incubation provided by IIM-V Field.

We addressed the same issue and problem statement as part of the Google Solutions Challenge 2022 as well where we built the first prototype of the Carnal Masters Application using Flutter and Firebase.

Problem Statement

Due to the traditional taboos and misconceptions, people in India have problems sharing their sexual concerns or discussing sexual health.

Thus people are not able to express themselves or seek help from even known people.

Efforts from the team

Non-Technical team with regards to the ELDP fest worked on:

  1. Primary and Secondary research, including onsite - live interviews, feedback and research statistics.
  2. Market Breakdown and Analysis.
  3. Value Proposition and GTM Strategy.
  4. Roadmap and Competitive Landscape Analysis.
  5. Marketing Strategies and Revenue Model
  6. Funding and Business Model Canvas.
  7. Final Pitch.

The Technical team (associated with Google Solutions Challenge 2022) worked on the UI Design and implementation of the App using Flutter and Firebase.

You can find the pitch video here, the pitch deck here and app implementation (solutions challenge 2022) submission video here.


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13 Jun 2022

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