Not to be missed! My Gallery of Promo Videos : "Visual Stories in Motion: Crafting Impactful Promo Videos"

Project : Promo Video 

Duration : 8- 10 Working Hours

Task : Design, Curate, Voic Over, Content, Editing, Revision

Cost :

 i) Upto 60 sec - Starts from INR 3000.

ii) Upto 5 min - Depends on the project 

About me :

Hey, it's Deepak here!

Let's dive into why I'm all about creating promo videos for impactful initiatives. Trust me, it's a journey worth sharing!


Why am I passionate about this? Because I believe in the power of visuals to ignite change. My goal is to take initiatives that are all about making lives easier, boosting efficiency, and being eco-friendly, and turn them into videos that inspire. By offering this service, I want to be part of your mission to drive change, make an eco-conscious impact, and empower society on a sustainable path.


When I dive into a video project, it's not just about capturing footage – it's about capturing the essence of your initiative. I start by delving into research, immersing myself in the heart of your initiative, its inclusivity, and the waves of transformation it's creating. With your vision as my compass, I blend design and content into a seamless masterpiece.

This fusion of design and content is where the magic takes place. The visuals I choose, the story I weave – they're all weaved with your initiative's values. My goal? To create a video that doesn't just show but also speaks volumes.

By the time I'm done, you won't just have a promo video; you'll have a powerful tool that tells your initiative's story. Crafting these videos is my way of joining hands with you, of being part of a movement that's larger than life. It's about creating visuals that fuel inspiration, drive change, and guide society towards a greener, more inclusive future.

I'm thrilled to partner up and turn your impactful initiative into a video that captures hearts and minds. Ready to bring your vision to life? Let's make waves together!

19 Aug 2023


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