My Radio Show on SoundCloud |"Draping the Threads of Change: Exploring Handlooms & Khadi on Eco Talk with RJ Deepak"

Tune in to a captivating episode of Eco Talk, aptly titled "Fabrics Of The Society," as your host RJ Deepak weaves together an engaging conversation with distinguished guests Meghana, Sandhya, and Suresh. These esteemed individuals are not only Bhoomi Fellows but also driving forces in the realm of holistic education. Broadcasting on RadioActive 90.4MHz, this episode dives deep into the world of handlooms and Khadi, unraveling their significance in our society.


Join RJ Deepak and the Bhoomi Fellows as they unfurl the rich tapestry of handlooms and Khadi, showcasing their integral role in shaping our cultural heritage and sustainable future. Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing fashion landscape, this dialogue delves into the importance of preserving traditional crafts and promoting ethical and eco-friendly choices.


As Meghana, Sandhya, and Suresh, our Bhoomi Fellows, lend their expertise, the conversation unveils how these fabrics symbolize not just clothing, but stories of artisans' skills, heritage, and mindful living. Our guests highlight how embracing handlooms and Khadi aligns with the principles of holistic education, fostering a deep appreciation for artistry, sustainability, and interconnectedness.


With RJ Deepak at the helm, this episode advocates for a conscious shift in our fashion choices—a shift towards supporting local artisans, reducing carbon footprints, and embracing timeless elegance. The Bhoomi Fellows provide illuminating insights, spotlighting the role of these fabrics in promoting responsible consumption and fostering a sense of community.


Experience this riveting dialogue on Eco Talk, where RJ Deepak, Meghana, Sandhya, and Suresh unravel the threads of change in our society. Tune in to RadioActive 90.4MHz for a discussion that celebrates the handloom legacy, Khadi's resurgence, and the holistic education principles that bind them together. Immerse yourself in a conversation that envisions a sustainable and culturally enriched future—one draped in the fabrics of our heritage.

03 Oct 2018

Sustainable fashion

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