My Community Radio Show | "Unlocking Holistic Education's Power with Bhoomi Fellows: Sustainable Wisdom on Eco Talk with RJ Deepak"

Join RJ Deepak, your host, on an illuminating episode of Eco Talk as he engages in a dynamic conversation with esteemed guests Aparna, Savitha, and Dinesh. These individuals are not only Bhoomi Fellows but also changemakers at the forefront of holistic education. Broadcasting on RadioActive 90.4MHz, this interview offers a profound exploration of the pressing need for holistic education in our contemporary world.


Together, RJ Deepak and the Bhoomi Fellows delve into the essence of holistic education and its integral role in crafting a sustainable way of life. In a society often focused on narrow academic goals, this discussion unfolds the significance of nurturing not only the intellect but also the heart and spirit. With the collective wisdom of the guests, the conversation delves into the vital role holistic education plays in cultivating a well-rounded understanding of subjects and the interconnectedness of our world.


With RJ Deepak as the conduit, this episode advocates for a paradigm shift in how we perceive education—a shift from viewing it merely as a conveyor belt to a job, to embracing it as a lifelong journey of personal evolution and exploration. Aparna, Savitha, and Dinesh, our Bhoomi Fellows, bring their expertise to the forefront, underlining the importance of recognizing individual talents and passions. This realization opens doors to diverse avenues of contribution that transcend conventional career paths.


As the dialogue unfolds, listeners are invited to discover the symbiotic relationship between holistic education and sustainability. Our guests expertly showcase how an education that fosters critical thinking, empathy, and interconnectedness seamlessly aligns with a sustainable lifestyle. The conversation beautifully highlights how holistic education naturally encourages responsible living, mindful choices, and a deep reverence for the environment.


Make sure not to miss this riveting discussion on Eco Talk, where RJ Deepak, Aparna, Savitha, and Dinesh offer transformative insights into the power of holistic education. Tune in to RadioActive 90.4MHz and immerse yourself in a dialogue that envisions a brighter, more sustainable future, guided by the principles of holistic education and positive change.

27 Sep 2018

Holistic Education

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