Personal Contact Manager

Personal Contact Manager

PCM is a web portal for collecting contacts in a very smart way. Contact management with PCM is very efficient and smarter.

🌐 Website : PCM


📑 About the project

We understand how important your contacts are, and we want to make it easier than ever to organize and manage them all in one place. That's why we built Personal Contact Manager, with a clean, simple design and powerful features that'll take you less than 10 seconds to get up and running.

Find contacts in seconds, not hours : Personal Contact Manager has the most accurate search engine in the industry. You can find a contact in seconds with our built-in search engine that searches through all your contacts' information instantly.

The most user-friendly address book : We've designed Personal Contact Manager to be as intuitive as possible so you can spend less time figuring out how to use it and more time managing your contacts. All of the features are laid out in a simple manner that makes it easy for you to manage your contacts from anywhere on any device.

Your data is safe with us : Your information is yours - not ours! We will never sell or share any of your private data with third parties because we respect your privacy. We believe that your personal information should be protected and kept safe at all times - because it's valuable!

It's all in one place : Personal Contact Manager brings together all the information you need about your contacts into one easy-to-use dashboard, so you can find what you need with a single search. It also includes an address book for storing names, addresses and phone numbers of important people.


👨🏻‍💻 Developer's Talk

Developed by Debraj Karmakar

This is a small effort from my side to build a medium scale project using React and Spring Boot technologies. The experience taught me so many things, as well as the challenges involved in overcoming problems encountered during the development phase. I consider this project very relevant to me as a full-stack developer. The people who helped me during the development phase are to be commended.


🚀 Tech Stack

💻 Client: HTML, Axios, Formik, React, React Toastify, React Redux, Redux, Redux Thunk, Redux Logger

✨ Styles: SCSS, React Bootstrap, React Icons, React Useanimations, React Loading Skeleton

🔌 Service: EmailJs, Tinymce, Ybug, crisp, Uploadcare

🔐 Security: Spring Boot Security, Password Encoder, JSON Web Tokens

🔥 Server: Java, Spring Boot, Hibernate, Lombok, Mail, JavaX, JPA

🧲 Validation: Hibernate Validator Engine, Bean Validation API

📂 Database: MySql

12 Dec 2022

Web Development
Full Stack Development
React Js
Spring Boot

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