Damanjit singh

"Just a Man with Good Humor, Open Mind and a lot of Guts." and College dropout, 4-year digital wizard. Websites, videos, ads, you name it, I build it. ‍♀️✨

Artificial Intelligence
Google Adwords
Graphic Design
Social Media Marketing
Video Editing



  • Faster Website Loads under 2 seconds | Website Designing / Copywriting / SEO / Copywriting

    I designed TruckOutsource's website not just for beauty, but for results. It loads under 2 seconds, engages visitors, an...

    16 Feb 2023

  • Website Designing / Copywriting / SEO / Content Writing

    Objective of the project: - Panacea Valley, already established in NLP training and consultations, wanted to refresh th...

    14 Jan 2022

  • YouTube / Content creation / Video Editing / Digital marketing / Business / Entrepreneurship

    I'm Damanjit Singh, a self-made Entrepreneur, Blogger, Digital Marketer, Web designer, and Consultant. I dropped out of...

    21 Jun 2021

  • B-Tech CSE Dropout

    Global Institutes of Engineering and Technology

    I dropped out in 2nd year after realizing that it is no point in studying for 4 years and learning nothing practically t...

    30 Nov 2017

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