[Article] The Power Of Words

In this article, I shared how to be a freelance writer without being a writer! 

It's not the conventional way of being a freelance writer 

Do you know people who start as freelancers who never see money in the first two or three months? It’s not as easy as you think to earn bucks. It takes time, dedication, and much more effort than you can think of! So, if you want to live in these uncertainties and write your own story, then welcome to freelance content writing.  


Start small, open a small Google blogger account, write something wild, don’t judge yourself, keep writing, and remember you are just writing, not content writing. Now focus on every tiny particle of your sentence, how you are writing, and how you can make it super awesome; brainstorm as much as you can. Find inspiration from YouTube, Google, and whatever you can in front of you. Add facts, images, and whatnot, and then boom, You have passed the first step of becoming a content writer. 

Tools used: Google Docs 

Charges I will take to write this kind of article: 100$/1000 Words. 

25 Sep 2023

Content Writing

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