Zomato Push Notifications: Copywriting Challenge

Objective: In this permissionless project, we aim to present our design and copywriting skills by presenting push notifications for a food-delivery platform, Zomato.

Zomato is an Indian multinational restaurant aggregator and food delivery company.

Client: Zomato (Permissionless Project)

How we created these stunning Zomato Push Notifications:

As a part of Fueler Copywriting challenge, we came up with spec notifications for Zomato. Here are a few steps that we followed to come up with relevant and mouth-watering notifications:

1. We studied Zomato notifications and dissected the themes and formats used by Zomato.

2. We also looked at relevant apps and platforms and identified patterns such as relatable notifications blended in with killer CTAs.

3. After dissecting the content, we came up with our first set of notifications.

4. Taking feedback, iterating over the copy and design, and 10 days later; we made it.

Collaborators: Anu helped churn out effective copy; Neeraj worked on the stunning design.

Major takeaways:

- Do your homework. Study the brand and TA thoroughly.

- Write fast, iterate, and repeat. Don't wait for perfection.

- Collaboration breeds creativity.

This project is a part of #PermissionlessProject, it is being done in my personal capacity, without any guidance from any stakeholder from the brand or notable. All the copyright is reserved to the respective owners.

25 Aug 2023

zomato notifications
food delivery
push notifications
creative strategy
brand dissection
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