Meeting Pre-Read Template by Chelsi Mehta

Objective: To create a template for meeting pre-reads to optimize meetings.

Tools used: AI, Notion

Launched on: Gumroad


We have all experienced the frustration of pointless meetings that drag on without structure.

✅ Meetings full of idle small talk before getting to the real discussion

✅ No agenda leading to meandering conversations

✅ Lack of metrics and preparation hindering decisions

✅ Valuable time and productivity lost


Solution – The Meeting Pre-Read Template


After months of meeting mismanagement, I developed the perfect solution:

➡️ Professionally designed meeting pre-read template

➡️ Just minutes to set an agenda, establish metrics, track actions

➡️ Frame key discussion topics upfront

➡️ Send pre-reads to align and prepare attendees beforehand


Benefits for You


Imagine meetings where:

✅ All participants already informed of key details

✅ Conversation jumps immediately to problem-solving

✅ Decisions reached rapidly with data, not debate

✅ Hours saved weekly by eliminating fluff and delays


With this meeting pre-read template guiding the discussion, you will:

➡️ Impress attendees with preparation and leadership

➡️ Stay ruthlessly efficient and productive

➡️ Transform meeting culture to drive outcomes


Take back your valuable time. Avoid meeting frustration.

Get the pre-read template and optimize meetings today!

09 Dec 2023

meeting pre-read
template for writers
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