Guide to Freelance Content Writing by Chelsi Mehta [Community Session]

Objective: I was invited by Fueler Community to host a session on Freelance Writing for Beginners

Thought Process: I wanted to share my experience right from my early days until today regarding how I got my first clients, the strategies I have used, my mindset and approach.


- In an outs of Freelance Writing

- How to Get Clients

- Ghostwriting - what? how?

- Operations Involved in Freelancing

- Linkedin Content Dissection: Hook, Structure, LinkedIn Post Dissection

- Twitter Thread Dissection: Hook, Structure, Thread Dissection

- Script Dissection: Hook, Structure, Reel Dissection

Result: More than 30+ folks have joined the session to learn about Freelance Content Writing

Tool used: Canva

Session Recording: You can find the recording here on Fueler's official YouTube channel.

05 Sep 2023

Content Writing
Social Media
LinkedIn Copywriting
Script Writing
Content Dissection
Twitter Thread Writing
How to become a freelancer
39 sec

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