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Designing UI screens is a crucial aspect of creating user-friendly and visually appealing digital experiences. UI (User Interface) screens refer to the graphical interfaces that users interact with when using a website, application, or any other digital platform. Here are some key considerations when designing UI screens:

1. Visual Hierarchy: Arrange UI elements on the screen based on their relative importance and prioritize them according to the user's flow and goals. Establish a clear visual hierarchy through size, contrast, and positioning to guide users' attention and make it easier for them to understand and interact with the interface.

2. Clarity and Readability: Make sure the UI displays are both readable and clear to the eye. To improve readability, choose the right font sizes, contrast, and spacing. To create a sense of balance and clarity, avoid cluttering screens with objects and keep enough white space.

3. Design navigation components with ease of use in mind so that users can switch between screens and access various features or contents. Make navigation simple and user-friendly by using recognisable icons, labels, and gestures to denote actions.

So I was trying to gain knowledge in this by taking inspirations from Behance, dribbble. 


05 Jun 2023

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