Design Work - Genuin


Genuin is a product based-company. There product is the combination of Linkedin + Tiktok but in a different way. How? There product is completely a video-verse version that means everything there would be through video. To interact with other people user needs to create video and can interact. There are some features like roundtable(similar to chat group but in a video form), home screen is similar to reels(scrolling the videos but here videos are technical no cringe video).

My Work

  1. My work was to organize all the files of from design handoff to development handoff and also production files.
  2. Converted all xd files to figma files.
  3. Worked on the ux of the profile picture.
  4. Made the user flow of wallet section and researched on stripe payment gateway.
  5. Created animation for screen change in inbox section.

05 Jun 2023

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