Case Study-2 Spotify

I conducted a case study where I conducted user interviews and surveys to gather insights and feedback from users. Based on my research, I have identified several potential features that could be implemented by Spotify. Redesigned that features using figma and created a basic mockup of the features and that is what presented in the slides of deck containing the case study. I was part of nextleap and this case study was final graduation submission.

So here we go with the problem statement:

Choose ANY ONE product from the following list:

  • YouTube Music
  • Spotify
  • Apple Music
  • Gaana

You are a product manager on the growth team of the product you have chosen. The team has been given a mandate of increasing the time spent listening on the app. What would be the top initiative you would drive to achieve this desired outcome? Assume you have infinite tech bandwidth. The expectation is to solve this problem as a PM by addressing problems for the users while being able to generate business value.

05 Jun 2023

User research
User interviews
Product research
Product Design
Product Management

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