200+ Premium Gradient Pack

Make your design stand from other designs by using these gradient packs




Use Discount code "Thankyou" to get it for free.


Who does the pack include?

  • 200 Gradient packs
  • identified with a unique name
  • Cover images

Who is this Template for?

  • Are you finding difficulty in getting colors for your projects
  • Are you looking to have a great design by no idea on how to search for colors
  • Do you wish to use super cool handpicked colors for your projects




Can I have it for free?

Yes, its currently on a sael where you can get them for free with the limited sales.


I'm a student and I cannot afford it, what should I do?

Please feel free to send me a DM(https://twitter.com/BeingMani97), I can help you in purchasing them with the amount you can pay. I offer 60-70% discount on the product.

Why is this paid?

I have spent literally 2 weeks building this, if I got something to manage this. I'll release it as free forever.

How should I contact you in case of any doubts?

You can DM on @beingmani97 on Twitter, I can help you with anything related to design

Can I use it for a personal project?

Yes, for sure, you can build any with this, and don't forget to share it with me if you do so.



  • update colors every week
  • generate design with the gradients
  • Varios of design templates


Lifetime access

If you bought this, you have my heart and thank for supporting me.

you will be notified as a first priority of any updates/new releases.

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11 Mar 2022

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