Thumbnail Redesign: Nas Daily

Genre: Travel/Explore/Entertainment

Story: In this video Nas Daily team has visited the smallest country which is located in deep see. This land is called Sealand. In this video Nas has shared their story, how they operate and how can you go to the smallest country in the world (They are not recognised by any other countries).

Title: The smallest country in the world.

Thumbnail Concept: As the Sealand is located in deep Sea we have ocean in the background. The actual Sealand which is really tiny here and to make the comparison clear in the viewers mind we put a small ship near Sealand. Nas is pointing finger towards Sealand where he is having fun, hence "ME" is used as text in between.

Suitable Channel: As this thumbnail is a Recreation of Nas's Video only he has the right to this thumbnail. *Before and after comparison has been added to proof of work page.


Note: This project is a part of #PermissionlessProject, it is being done in my personal capacity, without any guidance from any stakeholder from the brand or notable. All the copyright is reserved to the respective owners.





06 Sep 2023

Graphic design
Nas Daily

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