How to Regrow your hair? - Thumbnail Redesign

Genre: Health/Men's lifestyle

Story: More than 40% men in India is facing hair fall/hair loss issues. There are many reasons behind this including poor lifestyle, stress, use of chemicals in hair, poor diet and many. But there is a chance to stop hair fall and regrow new hair. In his video Vineet Gaur from What the Dude YouTube channel has discussed about this.



Thumbnail Concept: We have before and after hair. Before he(shocked) has a bald head that leads to depression, anxiety and insecurity that is mentioned in his back with a red background. 

On right side we have a green background and a more confident Vineet. 

Suitable Channel: This is a Recreation of something similar from Vineet Gaur's What The Dude channel. If you want something similar like this we can make something for you as well.


Charges: 400-500INR

31 Jul 2023

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Hair growth

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