Women Of Fueler

Created the list of 100 profile of fueler.

Objective : To get connected with 100 womens of fueler from different places who can work and create awesome projects.

Tools :  Notion for creating the list of womens, Fueler for curating profiles and illustrator for creating thumbnail.

Timeline: The project's research, creation and approval took about 2 days.       

Challenge: At first, I had to curate only 30 profiles, which was easy. Then, we decided to curate 50 profiles, and that's when the real challenge began. The mission was to curate 50 more profiles and take the list to 100. After 50 profiles, I was typing random names to try to find more profiles. At one point, I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, but I worked hard and succeeded in creating the list.

I made this list for fueler and i am really proud of it :) 

How Can I Help ?

I have the knowledge of not only creating things but also curating it. I can elevate your brand from 0 to 1 and further on.  

Thanks to Riten for trusting me. 

Thanks to Shashank and Mimansha for helping me with the thumbnail design.

Click on " PROOF " to check my work.

Have a good day. ❣

09 Sep 2023

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