Dear Women, Tap the ‘PLAY AGAIN’ Button and Start Working

Dear Women, Tap the ‘PLAY AGAIN’ Button and Start Working

Consider this… 

Rita had taken a career break 6 years ago to take care of her new born baby. Now that her daughter has started to go to school, she finds herself with lots of time on her hands and not much to do. She has around 5 hours of free time everyday after her daughter leaves for school. It is this free time in which she misses her work and her career. 

Her husband and she decide that if Rita can find a job near home, they would hire a babysitter for the few hours that their daughter would be alone at home after returning from school. With her daughter’s care arranged for, Rita sets out to search for relevant opportunities. 

Prior to taking a break, Rita had worked as a Sales Manager in an FMCG company. So she started her job hunt from there. Rita started to look for relevant jobs in sales at a similar position. But, to her dismay, she couldn’t find many relevant opportunities suited to her experience in the same city. The opportunities that were there, involved heavy travel which she currently could not undertake. So, she started to look for jobs at a comparatively lower position. The few interviews that she did manage to get for lower positions did not go well. She then tried to find part-time or work from home jobs. Here a lack of reliable sources and leads made her search difficult. 

This slowly started to affect her confidence. After trying tirelessly for more than a year, she gave up on her job search. 

While this is an example, most of us have heard of or know someone like Rita or We are Rita. 

There are many talented women like Rita, who take career breaks to bring up their kids and are not able to get back to work once the kids don’t need them full-time.

Sometimes, the commitment of these women is questioned, sometimes, their experience is disregarded, and sometimes their skills are considered redundant. These less-than-encouraging experiences during their job hunt tend to shake up their confidence. And if they do find a job, they spend the next few months second guessing their own work decisions. It’s not a healthy situation to be in. 

It is for women like Rita who find themselves unable to find the right launch for a second career that eWomen was set up. A network of talented women from various fields, eWomen helps women tap the “Play Again” button and get back to work with part-time assignments and freelance projects. 

Why does eWomen concentrate only part-time work and freelance assignments? 

Well, for one there are takers. There are many women who for various reasons cannot or choose not to return to work full-time. They look for work which not only gives them an opportunity to rebuild their career, become financially secure, but also continue to look after their family. Choosing to work part-time or as a freelancer does not mean that they are not committed to their work or that their skills are subpar. It just means that they have some other parallel responsibilities. The career needs of such women are equally important. 

How Does eWomen Work? 

The platform is simple and easy to use. Women searching for opportunities just have to register (no cost involved!), upload their documents and certificates, our team will verify the information provided; and once their candidature is approved, they can start with getting their skills certified through our online skills certification program. 

While the candidate builds her profile, the eWomen team starts to search for opportunities that would match her skills and requirements. Once a match is found, an interview is arranged. And, if selected, then the candidate can start work – like they say in the corporate world – ASAP! 

To ensure smooth transition into the working world, eWomen also provides HR and payment collection support to their members. 

What are the Opportunities? 

There are opportunities in the fields of designing, writing, project management, voice processes, business development, marketing, and customer service among others. If you have the right attitude, fire to succeed, and determination to see your projects through, then the opportunities at eWomen will find you. You won’t have to go in search of them. 

So, what are you waiting for? Join eWomen and tap the “Play Again” button for your career NOW

19 Mar 2024

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