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Objective: To organize a chat session with senior industry leader and provide employees a chance to understand the leader's journey and ask questions.

Writing Methodology:

Create a questionnaire - a mix of work-related questions, personal life, career advice etc.
Discuss the questions with the leader.
Do a mock practice.
Organize a zoom call with all employees and ask the questions while providing the employees to ask their questions impromptu.


Improved employee engagement.
Increased website traffic.

Grit and Grace chat series with Tarantula & Maria Scotti

Timeline: 20 - 25 hours per interview - Inclusive of designing a questionnaire, mock practice, actual session, writing the article.

Organization: This leadership blog was written for Telecom Site Management Software | Tarantula

Tarantula is a global software company and a proven market leader in end-to-end telecom site management solutions. They empower tower site owners to achieve operational efficiency and monetize their assets, all to increase the value of their tower business.

21 Apr 2023

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