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Objective: The objective of these blogs is to position the company as a thought leader in the towerco space.

Writing Methodology:

Research about competitor blogs.
Research about data published by leading research agencies such as Forrester, EY, KPMG etc.
Discussion with CEO and VP of Product Marketing to get their inputs as well as inputs from them about their customer interactions.


Increased website traffic.
Lead generation.
Positioning the company as a thought leader in the towerco space.
Blogs I wrote are published here:

Blog | Latest company and product news | Tarantula

Timeline: 25 - 30 hours per blog

Organization: These blogs were written for Telecom Site Management Software | Tarantula

Tarantula is a global software company and a proven market leader in end-to-end telecom site management solutions. They empower tower site owners to achieve operational efficiency and monetize their assets, all to increase the value of their tower business.

16 Apr 2024

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