Project Documentation & Collaboration using GitHub Session | SkillValley

The topic was Documenting the project and using GitHub with the team while building a product.

The goal was to give students a clear understanding of 'Project Documentation’ & ‘How to collaborate on a project using GitHub’

In the session, we discussed,

  • What is Project Documentation?
  • Why do we need Documentation?
  • Things to include in the Documentation
  • Tools used for documentation
  • Best Practices for documentation
  • How to use GitHub in a team while building a product?
  • GitHub Workflow
  • Basics of GitHub, creating a repository, cloning the repo, & playing around with push, and pull commands
  • Adding collaborators in a repository
  • Creating and merging branches

In the end, there was a freebie for the students that I created. It’s a Project Documentation Template: Go to template for documentation.

You can download it from here.

20 Aug 2022

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